Looking for new and more effective anti-ageing products, CHIARA AMBRA® scientists rediscovered the secret of the 50 million-year-old amber.


Amber is the fossil resin of trees and was used as healing stone hundreds of years ago to cure and ease various illnesses such as psoriasis and skin diseases or to treat scars and warts. It is said that the 'stone of the sun' obtains its power from a mix of fossil resin, succinic acid and natural essential oils.

Years ago, during a trip to Lithuania, we heard the stunning story of an 80 year-old lady who did not look her age at all. People estimated her age younger than it actually was. During the visit, she disclosed the secret of her youthful appearance:


She collected amber to grind it and then mixed up the amber powder with a self-made cream. During our visit she revealed to us the composition of her fantastic 'amber cream'. Back in Germany, we improved the cream adding high-grade ingredients and developed today’s Amber Cream.

In dermatological and scientific tests, Amber Cream has proven that its application can achieve a 54 % reduction in wrinkle depth within 4 weeks. Test, feel and enjoy the beauty of the CHIARA AMBRA® amber series!

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