Argan Plant Stem Cells

the latest generation in plant stem cell cosmetics

The unique active substance combination of argan plant stem cells, SulforaWhite and Lipobelle Soyaglycone MA is highly effective against age spots and pigmentation marks and ensures a visible lifting effect. Argan plant stem cells can demonstrably penetrate into the dermis where the skin ageing takes place.


In the deepest skin layer collagen and elastin are formed by the parent stem cell of the skin. The argan plant stem cells protect the vitality of these dermal cells.


This unique composition works point-exact on age spots and pigmentation marks.

Within 2 months age spots will be reduced around up to 50 %!



The 3 in 1 revolution:


• Age spots will be reduced up to 50 % within 2 months! Age spots and pigmentation marks will be brightened where needed without brightening the surrounding skin!


• From the age of 40, the skin becomes thinner by 1 % each year. ArganCELL enables your skin to increase its thickness up to 12 % within 3 months!


• Incredibly visible lifting effect after only 4 weeks!




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