100 % natural cosmetics


Based on pure and precious natural substances BLACK FOREST pure has been designed to effectively fight skin ageing. BLACK FOREST pure is a top-quality cosmetic line providing maximum, immediately visible anti-ageing effects.



BLACK FOREST pure natural cosmetics are certificated by the independent NATRUE committee. The NATRUE seal stands for highest ethical and ecological principles with the related purchase and processing of the row materials.

Highly Effective Natural Cosmetics


After 28 days up to

• 6.000 % more moisture in the skin

• 115 % more collagen in the dermis

• 25 % more elastin in the dermis

• 12 % firmer and smoother skin

Immediate effect: After 15 minutes up to 16 % less wrinkle depth!

The nutrient-rich crocus onion

The most important active substance of the BLACK FOREST pure formula is the extract of the crocus onion, which has been crowned with three innovation awards. As one of the earliest spring bloomers the crocus is a symbol of youthfulness and a powerful new beginning in spring time. This component noticeably improves the intercellular skin matrix and provides the skin with more elastin and collagen.

Unique: the "splash" of mineral water


Natural mineral water from the Black Forest supplies the BLACK FOREST pure series with stimulating elements, rich in minerals, nutrients and trace elements. The mineral water source at a depth of 200 meters provides extremely soft water, rich in minerals.

All BLACK FOREST pure products are:


• Without synthetic colour, without synthetic fragrance and without synthetic preservatives

• Without mineral oil based ingredients

• Without paraffin or ethoxylated ingredients (PEG-free)

• Without radiated ingredients

• Without genetically modified ingredients

• Without animal-based ingredients

• Contains fragrances from natural ethereal oils

• The vegetable oils used are the product of controlled organic cultivation

• The skin compatibility has been dermatologically tested and verified

• Vegan and gluten-free

• Enriched with mineral water from BLACK FOREST spring



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