CHIARA AMBRA GmbH is a German family-driven medium-sized company, specialised in the development and production of premium skin care products based on the most innovative active ingredients. The formulas of CHIARA AMBRA® products are permanently updated by the latest scientific trends and results, thus developing new premium beauty series, which meet the requirements of modern anti-ageing products.


As a result CHIARA AMBRA® offers a range of dermatologically tested professional skin care products providing a high skin tolerance. Made in Germany.


CHIARA AMBRA® sets highest demands on the quality of its products and focuses with its five skin care lines BLACK FOREST pure, Amber, Regeneration MULTI STEM CELL, CAVIAR and ArganCELL especially anti-ageing care



The valuable caviar extract provides the skin intensively with moisture and activates skin cell metabolism and microcirculation, reducing lines and fine wrinkles. At the same time, thanks to the plankton extract, the skin is optimally enriched with minerals and trace elements.



100% natural cosmetic - the BLACK FOREST pure series has been specially developed, using fine natural raw materials, to counteract skin ageing in a natural manner. Natural cosmetics of the highest quality for maximum, immediately visible anti-ageing effect.



Up to 54% less wrinkle depth within four weeks – this result, which speaks for itself, was proved using Amber Day Cream in dermatological and scientific tests!



The unique, active ingredient combination of argan plant stem cells, SulforaWhite and Lipobelle Soyaglycone MA, is highly effective in combating age spots and uneven pigmentation and has a lifting effect.

Regeneration MULTI STEM CELL


Active ingredients from plant stem cells to protect skin stem cells – the innovative PhytoCellTec™ technology makes it possible, through the development of these active ingredients,

to rejuvenate the skin in a completely natural manner!




The fruity, floral note of INTENSE from CHIARA AMBRA® is bewitching - an abundant floral bouquet, finishing sensually on an amber note. Passionate. Captivating. Sensual.