A unique Swiss non-stick coating strengthened with millions of genuine gemstone crystals

The highest expectations are not too much to ask with regard to these pans and

an unusual durability can be expected.

Enjoy yourself and join those who fry their food on gemstones! The positive effects of gemstones are well-known in specialist literature:

Lapis lazuli


The name lapis lazuli is formed from the Latin word for "stone"and the Arabic word for "blue". Known today as the "Stone of Kings", lapis lazuli was already the most valuable thing that the ancient Egyptians possessed 7000 years ago. Golden inclusions of pyrite and the deep blue colour cause the stone to shine like a starry sky. Worldwide, lapis lazuli is considered to be the stone of friendship and truth. *





The name Emerald comes from Latin and means "green stone". Even the Romans and the Greeks appreciated emeralds as much as diamonds. The emerald was, at that time, considered to be the stone that gave colour to nature, leaves and plants. Today, emeralds are stones of harmony, loyalty and openness.*





The name Ruby comes from Latin and means "red". Already early on, rubies were considered to be not only valuable and appreciated gemstones but also healing stones and sources of pure energy. They are also said to be stones that bring luck and pure love, and incorporate the power of love and life.*


* Excerpts from specialist literature