Currently the most effective care for skin rejuvenation in the world!

Active agents from plant stem cells for the protection of skin stem cells – the innovative PhytoCellTec™ technology has been developed to rejuvenate the skin in a completely natural way.


Based on three different plant extracts the researchers of plant stem cells developed a highly efficient complex of active agents, slowing the ageing process of the skin, tightening the skin's appearance and making your face look years younger.


CHIARA AMBRA® incorporated these active substances into the formula for the Regeneration Multi Stem Cell product line.

The skin as a stem cell storage


Phyto stem cells reactivate ‘sleeping’ skin cells. They help keeping the youthful appearance of the skin. Research has shown that plant stem cell cultures can have a positive effect on human stem cells. Basis for the used liposomal extracts are active plant stem cells of an apple cell culture that is especially resistant against environmental influences, cold and ageing. This special extract from long-living, tannic cells of a rare Swiss apple variety named ‘Uttwiller Spätlauber’ supports the growth of human, changing stem cells and protects them from exposure of UV rays.


Each day our skin is exposed to harmful environmental conditions, allowing the development of aggressive molecules within our organism. These molecules react with stem cells and can not only harm them, but also completely destroy them. The use of plant stem cells is supposed to protect the skin cells against cellular damages.


Cell activity can proceed unhindered and the skin is able to regenerate faster. At the same time the skin is bolstered up from the inside and appears young, relaxed and fresh.

Active ingredient complex no.: 1 – based on the stem cells of the apple (PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica)


The apple stem cell extract preserves the longevity of the skin cells, regenerates and replaces them constantly like no other active stem cell ingredient has before. Because of this effect, this development was crowned with the European Cosmetic Innovation Prize for the best active ingredient.


Active ingredient complex no.: 2 – based on the stem cells of the grape (PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis)


CHIARA AMBRA® Regeneration Multi Stem Cell grape stem cells are an additional highly effective component. The nutrients in the grape stem cells penetrate into the skin. Once there, they provide a vital and indispensable protection against UV radiation, which is responsible for premature skin ageing.


Active ingredient complex no.: 3 – based on the stem cells of the alpine rose (PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose)




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