Environmentally friendly and extremely robust ceramic cookware with

induction base.


Cook your meals PTFE and PFOA-free, enjoy low-fat, healthy food and prepare your meals gently and with the minimum of energy,

thanks to excellent heat conduction.


With drip-off effect

The impermeable ceramic coating allows everything to drip-off. Thanks to the fantastic non-stick coating, food does not stick to the pan and does not burn. Your meal is healthy and low on fat due to the fact that you can prepare it with almost no oil or butter.


Energy-efficient heat conduction base.

Ceramic cookware features a convincingly quick and even heat conduction. On the one hand, the cookware is therefore suitable for foods which are prepared using even temperatures, on the other, it is also possible to sear and flambé it, if required. Due to the enormous heat storage capacity of the cookware, your food continues to cook in the pan after it has been taken off the cooker - energy efficiency is therefore yet another mark of ceramic cookware quality..


Extreme robustness

Only diamonds are harder than ceramic! Therefore, ceramic cookware not only looks good - it is also extremely robust. The impermeable ceramic coating prevents accidental scratching and wear. The ceramic surface features a convincingly high temperature tolerance. Is possible to flambé without problem - the coating can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C.


Extremely easy cleaning

Your pots and pans will continue to please you after cooking as well: Due to the special non-stick coating, cleaning the cookware is wonderfully easy. A normal cloth, a bit of washing-up liquid and your cookware will be sparklingly clean again.



Ceramic coating for healthy and light nutrition.