World novelty by cooperation of the companies Whitford, CHG and WARIMEX

The company Whitford has developed on behalf of WARIMEX an exclusively new STONELINE® baking coating which contains real stone particle as the first baking dishes coating of the world and promises a good scratch-resistant effect.


What lies closer, than to produce this new coating in Germany together with the company CHG, one of the most popular manufacturers „Made in Germany baking culture”. These three companies are able to guarantee German quality and attractive prices.


To present this world novelty also in the outside coating as "unique", the outside coating of the bakeware was provided with a colour change, a so-called prism-effect – another novelty!


We are glad to present this original STONELINE® products MADE IN GERMANY and to extend our assortment by another highlight!

CHIARA AMBRA® Xtreme Cellulite

Now fight efficiently against cellulite!


Which woman does not know the problem of the “dimples” and unsightly "depressions" by the body, the so-called cellulite or orange skin?


With the Xtreme cellulite CHIARA AMBRA® succeeded in proving at the same time several effects and in counteracting orange skins and unsightly “depressions”. This cream revolutionizes the cosmetics market and is loved by customers. Particularly the easy use and the once-daily application facilitate the use a lot. The results speak for themselves:


- Up to 9 cm reduction of the thigh circumference (3.8 cm on average)

- 37 % less cellulite

- 57 % increase of skin elasticity

- 41 % smoother skin


*As part of a clinical test with 20 subjects the following average visible results were achieved within only 6 weeks by applying the cream once a day and without changing the life and eating habits (average results after 6-week application, 1x daily)

This active substance was honoured with the "cosmetics business award 2013".


With the “cosmetics business award in 2013” awarded active substance "comfrey stem cells" delays the ageing of the skin cells, preserves the longevity of the skin stem cells, regenerates the skin, counteracts temporally against ageing processes caused by the environment and helps to preserve the vitality of the skin.