We create very individual pans

Cooking is still fun!


The long-time hype is unabated, and will continue even more strongly if - following the trend - the art is celebrated together with friends or other hobby cooks. Cookware is therefore developing from being a purely functional device to being an object of prestige and design.

Our market research* shows that only 50% of pan buys were the result of planned action. Criteria such as functionality, size, coating, weight, brand, price, quality and functional extras provide the basis for the buying decision. The other half of the pan buys were the result of spontaneous action! Here, the impulse to buy is influenced by design, by exclusivity and by emotional appeal.

The innovative PRINT&COOK® - cookware combines innovation and quality and concentrates on originality to act as a sales driver.


Upgrade your cookware selection with an individual design, your company logo, a witty slogan or an amazing optical effect. A special printing process now makes it possible to permanently imprint single or multi-coloured designs into the cookware coating. Whether these are instruction symbols, lettering, large patterns or subtle optical accents, the creative possibilities are limitless.

My pan, your pan


Focus on your target group! Offer your customers pans which are "addressed". "Only for vegetarians", "For Steak & Co", "Fish only", "For Fishers"....you are sure to think of many more possibilities.




Place your logo, your brand or your slogan in the most prominent position and meet your customers every day - quite simply whilst cooking




Company anniversaries are a good time to present a pan with the appropriate event design. Create special editions for a cooking event, a competition, a joint venture......etc.



Offer fan pans for football clubs, Valentine's Day pans, pans with Christmas or Easter themes, with cool sayings or cartoons, with children's designs or with amazing picture effects, optical illusions and much more.



Quality - the agony of choice


Choose between different qualities, from favourable cookware made of pressed aluminium over the middle-price range for cast aluminium pans with induction bases to our premium products made of stainless steel. For the coating you can choose between the non-stick coating TEFLON® Select or the extremely scratch resistant TEFLON® Platinum Plus coating both of which are supplied by DuPont.


We would be pleased to supply you with your choice of cookware including your desired print, tailored to your target group and your desired price range.


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*The market research was carried out in May2011 by our Partner DuPont via the market research agent Objective Consumer Research and Consulting GmbH (Frankfurt on the Main). Two target groups took part in the survey: End customers between 25 and 55 years old who were thinking of buying a pan (including 50% young and open-minded customers and 50% rather more conservative customers). Sales personnel specialised in cookware, with experience in specialist shops, consumer markets and department stores.


Teflon® is a registered trademark from DuPont and is used under license