STONELINE® - The Original!

Healthy and non-fat frying!


Professional cookware. High-quality kitchen utensils complete the product portfolio. Best quality for an affordable price for everyone. Designed for the daily use, healthy cooking without any fat and oil.


“STONELINE® - I vouch for this brand providing cutting-edge technologies and top quality cookware at affordable prices.”

Michael Schmiederer

Product developer of STONELINE®

Why are STONELINE® pots and pans better than conventional cookware?

STONELINE® pots and pans have a unique, high-quality coating with non-stick properties and a tough, scratch-resistant cooking surface. The PFOA-free coating allows healthy and non fat cooking, prevents food from sticking and is absolutely easy to clean.

Outstanding non-stick properties

Fry meat and fish without using fat or oil – your food will not stick or fall apart. Thanks to the outstanding non-stick properties, the food can easily be removed from the cookware. Of course, you can also cook and fry using oil or fat, if you want.


Highly scratch-resistant

The coating of STONELINE® pots and pans provides a tough, robust surface, which is highly scratch-resistant.


Easy to clean

Thanks to the EASY-Clean effect, you can usually clean your STONELINE® cookware by using a damp cloth.